FIS Elite Team Trysil

We are currently working to establish a FIS Elite Team in Trysil, aiming to start in May 2020. This will a year-round program based on ~230 ski- and training days. It will be a complete program with the goal to provide higher quality and quantity than any of the alternative programs in Scandinavia.

For the first year we will accept 8-12 athletes from Scandinavia, we are looking for a healthy mix of male and female participants. The team will have access to 1 fulltime head coach, 1 assistant coach and when necessary there will also be service staff provided.

The team will be based in Trysil where the athletes will have their main training in Högegga. The athletes will be expected to live and have their own base in Trysil as well. We are currently also in discussions with the Norwegian Ski Federation about possible areas for co-operation.

This work is done and will be organized in co-operation with SnowTeam Trysil and other local partners. There will be opportunities for an extensive range of higher education in combination with this team.

The team will have high goals and we are looking for athletes with the goal to reach the top level of ski racing through hard work and commitment. The team overall goals is:

• Have at least two athletes racing Europa-cup each year.
• Have at least two athletes nominated for World Juniors each year.

This is just a small hint of what’s coming, if you are interested in more information please contact:

Fredrik Sars

Managing Director

M: +47 99280105

Anders “ Calle” Carlsson

Head Coach

M: +47 99280118