Trysil Race Elite is ON!

We have completed our first month operating as a team. The motivation is high and the hard work philosophy has been on at all times. It was a complex start with all the restriction due to Covid-19 but we solved it very well.

Arrival and two fitness camps:

The athletes arrived to Trysil between the 1st and the 2nd of August, they adapted themselves into the athletes house in Jordet; open relaxing spaces, 2 kitchens full equipped, storage plus ski room, play ground… It’s simply a great set up to live and have access to anything an athlete needs.

On Monday, the 3rd of August we started our first fitness camp for 5 days. We were in quarantine and had to be careful to not be in contact with people, other than the teammates. We used all kind of resources to adapt the outdoors into our fitness plan; rocks, tables, benches, logs, running, biking, hiking, etc.

The second fitness camp, from the 10th to the 14th of August, we were still training outdoors until the day our quarantine was over, then we started lifting and moving on with our fitness plan.

In the metabolic part we were looking to build a good aerobic endurance base, while in the muscular part, we were adapting our bodies to any kind of movement we will use in the future, taking good care on the tempo, coordination and good form.

The athletes adapt very well and pushed themselves up to the high standards this team is looking for.

1st Ski camp in Juvasshytta

After the two intense weeks of fitness the athletes had the time to rest and get ready to go to Juvasshytta on August 18th. Some of the athletes took advantage of the weekend and went to Snø before for some boot and ski testing.

We planned to ski 5 days straight (19th to 23rd), rest on the 24th and four more on snow until the 28th. When we arrived, conditions were in the limit; it was warm, a lot of water and very soft snow. With salt and mental toughness, we took advantage of the days and the weather never stopped us until the storm came over on the 21st in the night. The mountain was closed for two days due some problems with the Tbar, the snow covers flew over the lift, so they remained closed the 22nd and 23rd. Thanks to the good work from the mountain and a little help from our coaches, the 24th we were back on snow with prime conditions. A bit of fresh snow and cold temperatures gave us the opportunity to ski 5 straight days.

We worked on the fundamentals. Making sure our position is in a good place from the feet up. A lot of repetition, a lot of slow drills and very high volume on runs/turns. The consistency paid off and the improvements during the week were noticeable.

Now we are at home and ready to start our 3rd fitness camp after 2 deserved rest days. The camp will be over the 3rd of September and we will go back to Juvasshytta on the 6th.