October was a blast!

After a tough September due to weather conditions and big volume on fitness and skiing, October was much more grateful with the conditions and a bit more forgiving on volume. We have started to change the intensity, with fewer runs and longer courses. The first races are 20 days away for Andreas and Christoffer and a bit more than a month ahead for the rest of the group. We are getting ready!

Snø October 6th and 7th

First time in the ski hall as a team, what a great set up! The volume we get in two days is priceless.

Flats, rolls and the last steep pitch, that is what Snø is about. The conditions are great to work on acceleration and maintaining the speed all the way down. A bit of frustration showed up during the first days trying to figure out how to find the platform with the low speed and high frequency. At the end, great first contact with the ski hall and excitation to come back.

After Snø; two days of fitness and a super fun day rafting in Trysil and then back to Juvass.

Juvass from October 11th to the 20th

Ladies and gentlemen, we got it. What a week! Finally, sunny, cold and consistent surface… Smiley faces were showing off more often and things are easier for the athletes with these conditions. The previous camp in Juvass was very tough. It was especially exhausting with the constantly changing weather conditions, but mother nature treated us very well this time.

We skied SG for 3 days (two of them doubling with GS), 2 days of SL and 5 days of GS. We have previously worked hard on position and we are now focusing more at finding the line that allows us to carry speed. Everyone ended the camp satisfied and looking forward for more training.

Conversion to power strength

8 days without skis at home means… fitness time!

After our period of max strength, we started to lift quick. Let’s take it easy on weights and let’s send the bar up to the sky! We will keep this as our goal until we get closer to the races. Then we will move over to maintenance and keep the bodies fresh.

We are also working hard on mobility, trying to keep the back and hips as loose as possible, proprioception sessions here and there as injury prevention for the knees/ankles. Small doses of anaerobic circuits and of course, core.

Snø from October 29th to the 30th

Another great block in Snø: 10 runs/day 42-43 turns/course, over 400 turns/day.

We are feeling the flats big time! Huge step forward for the athletes creating good speed on the flats and working with the terrain. We had a special guest Simen Christensen showing us how to ski the flats as efficient as possible.

Very productive Go Kart session on Thursday, with two clear goals; have fun and line choice. Now back in Trysil for another short block of fitness and we will go back to Snø November 5th.