Elite Speed

Trysil Race Elite is our dedicated Speed team specializing in Giant Slalom, Super-G and Downhill. It is the only such team in Norway and boasts some of the finest skiing talent in Europe. The team is led by our Head Coach Thomas Erikson. The team follows the Europa-cup during the season and our ambition is to help athletes take the final step into World Cup skiing.

With our unique set-up, we feel confident that there is no better place in Norway than Trysil Race Elite for Speed specialists to want to reach the highest level. The team has an excellent pre-season schedule to get the athletes ready for the season physically and technique wise. This year they will spend a whole month in South America in the lead up to the European season enjoying some of the best training conditions in the world. Combine this with an excellent training hill at home in Trysil where Trysil Race Elite has priority over all other teams, a detailed training/competition schedule throughout the winter, and you have a recipe for great success.

This season the Trysil Race Elite team welcomes a talented new batch of ski racers, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can achieve in the 2024/2025 season!

Trysil Race Academy Tech

On the Tech side Trysil Race Academy will have two teams. This season Trysil Race Academy decided to split our tech team into a women´s team and a men´s team. This is to accommodate all the talent wanting to hone their skills in Trysil and give that talent the best possible conditions for improvement. The teams will work closely together, but will have their own dedicated Head Coach and retain their flexibility to tailor their own training/competition schedule.

Tech women

Trysil Race Academy Tech Women is the team for ladies trying to reach the absolute highest level. To do so, the team will specialize primarily in Slalom and Giant Slalom. Tech Women will be under the expert tutelage of Head Coach Peter Lind.

Tech Women will have a detailed pre-season program to get the ladies ready to perform at their best as soon as the competition season gets under way. They will go skiing on glaciers in Norway and Austria as well as indoors. They will also have individually tailored physical training plans to be able to perform their best. As soon as snow starts falling in Trysil, they will also be able to enjoy training on our home hill in Høgegga which is one of the best race hills in Norway. Tech Women will begin the competition season with the Far East Cup to get off to a flying start before the European season kicks off fully.

We are confident our program will assist all our talented young women in taking their skiing to even higher levels, and cannot wait to see what they will achieve in the 2024/2025 season.

Tech men

Trysil Race Academy Tech Men is the team for men aspiring to greatness in ski racing. The team will focus heavily on Slalom and Giant Slalom to get the most out of the athletes and their talents. Tech Men will be led by Head Coach Thomas Sjödin. Thomas has all the credentials and experience necessary to extract the most out of our group of talented young athletes.

Tech Men will have a pre-season designed to have the athletes in excellent physical and skiing shape by the time the competition season gets under way. They will have individually tailored physical training programs. They will also do plenty of skiing on the glaciers of Norway and Austria as well as indoors to sharpen their technical skills. Tech Men will head off to Asia to start the competition season before it starts in Europe. Once the season in Norway gets fully under way, home base will be one of the best race hills in all of Norway. Høgegga in Trysil.

The Trysil Race Academy Tech Men will have every opportunity to improve and compete in 2024/2025. We are looking forward to seeing what they will accomplish this season as part of the Trysil Race Academy team.

FIS Development

Our FIS Development Team will cater to FIS racers trying to take their skiing to the next level. Whether it is your first season competing in FIS or you are looking for that little extra push to lower your points even further, this is the place for you. Our mission is to develop young talents into great skiers as well as young adults. We offer athletes in our FIS development program everything they would need to compete to reach the highest levels. We have a detailed pre-season program of 60-days on skis, individually tailored physical training plans, and one of the best race hills in Scandinavia for winter training and competition.

If you are a FIS racer aspiring to take you skills to new heights, Trysil Race Academy´s FIS Development team is the place for you!

U12, U14 & U16 Teams

If you are a young athlete under the age of 16, who wants to make an investment into your ski-racing future, we have got you covered. We offer a full year program with everything from the pre-season all the way through the winter for competitive minded athletes that have their sights set on success, making changes and trying to achieve their true potential.

If any of this interests you, please take a look at the packages we offer below:


Price: 45,000 NOK

PRE-SEASON INDIVIDUAL TRAINING DAYS (Only available by contacting the office)

Price: 1,200 NOK PER DAY

WINTER INDIVIDUAL TRAINING DAYS (Only available through the web booking service)

Price: 900 NOK per day


Only athletes that book annual or full winter season programmes will have assigned coaches for the whole season.