Trysil Race Elite Application


Provide world class training opportunities for athletes to pursue their goals and dreams.

Longterm development philosophy, allow every individual athlete the time they need to perform at their top level.

High goals; help a minimum of two athletes get established at Europa Cup level each year. Have two athletes selected for WJC each year.

Training facilities and coaches:

Trysil have one of the best training centers in Europe for skiracing. TRC is operated by Trysil Race Academy = Full access to TRC.

TRE uses Spenst fitness center, with access to physiotherapy from Oddvar if needed.

Our coaches are well educated and with experience from World Cup teams and/ or top level programmes around the world. All our coaches are highly motivated to help you to the next level!

We work close together with NSF to provide updates on our athletes development and performance.

Development Philosophy:

By increasing the quantity and performance monitoring while maintaining high quality training, we will boost the development for each and every athlete.

At TRE we are focusing on the full picture, providing not only ski training but also a year around fitness programme.

230 training-/ racedays per season, 100+ trainingdays before the first race!


FIS i SkandinavienFIS i EuropaEC

Possibility to race:Nor-AmFareast CupNZ and Australia

Accommodation and setup:

Trysil is our homebase, athletes and coaches are expected to live here. Athlete house in Jordet.

Who we are looking for:

Athletes who have graduated from skigymnasium and are looking for a high quality programme to achieve and develop the skills necessary to qualify for EC & WC.

You need to be highly motivated, a team player and maintain high work ethics.

We believe that skiracing is a team sport for the absolute majority of time. Except from the point that you cross the starting line until you cross the finish line.

Who are we:

TRE is a close co-operation with Trysil Race Academy. TRE is setup as a non-profit and all means is used to improve the programme.

TRE Head coach: Enric Guerra CusiManaging director: David Hansson