Trysil Race Elite season 2022/23

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Hi everyone, we are now planning for the next season in Trysil and would like to get in touch with those of you who would like to receive more information about our training and team offer in Trysil for athletes 2004 and older next season. Fill out the contact form, and you will be contacted.

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Provide world class training opportunities for athletes to pursue their goals and dreams.

Our long-term development philosophy is to allow every individual athlete the time they need to perform at their top level

Goals:Support the athletes to get established at European Cup level.Support the junior athletes to participate and perform in WJC each year.

Training and facilities:

At TRE we are focusing on the full picture, providing not only ski training but also a year around fitness program.We provide 170+ ski training and race days per season, and more than 60 ski days before the first race.Trysil has one of the best training centers in Europe for ski racing. Operated by Trysil Race Center, TRE has priority training in Trysil.TRE collaborates with Spenst fitness center, with access to physiotherapist Oddvar (Former physiotherapist for the Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF).

Spenst fitness center and Trysil Secondary High school for fitness training.

We find the best ski training facilities in Europe during the preseason.

Program services:

  • Start-up May 1st.
  • 60 ski days before the first race.
  • Full year around fitness program and always a coach in Trysil to assist.
  • Tech team: Two full time coaches and one coach who works on ski trainings and races.
  • Speed team: One full time coach for the speed team and one part-time coach for on-hill sessions.
  • Rehab and come back from injury with Oddvar from Spenst together with the coaches.
  • We work close together with NSF to provide updates on our athlete’s development and performance.

Development Philosophy:

We develop athletes fast and healthy for the next years by encouraging persistence with an agreed plan athlete-coach. We avoid short term obsessions that can brake hope or loss of purpose.

We believe on the big volume of training on and off the slopes to develop the skier’s skills, but above this, we obsess our efforts on consistency and good habits to develop the person.


- FIS in Scandinavia- FIS in the Alps- EC circuit

Accommodation and setup:

Trysil is our homebase, ath¬letes and coaches are expect¬ed to live here. Athlete house in Jordet where you can live togehter on 350 square meters.

Who are we looking for:

Athletes who have graduated from ski-gymnasium and are looking for a high-quality program to achieve and develop the skills necessary to qualify for EC & WC.

You need to be highly motivated, a team player and maintain high work ethics.

We believe that ski racing is a team sport except when you are at the gate until you cross the finish line.

Who are we:

TRE is a close co-operation with Tryvis and Trysil Race Academy and our local partners in Trysil. TRE is setup as a non-profit and all means is used to improve the programme.

TRE Head coach:Enric Guerra Cusienric@trysilraceacademy.noPhone +47 94872965

Managing director:David HanssonDavid.hansson@trysilraceacademy.noPhone +47 47603443